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You hold in your hands a document that represents more than the 70 years of history of the Rotary Club of Southport. It is also a very interesting insight into the beach resort town of Southport and the people who were instrumental in forming the oldest Rotary Club on the Gold Coast. Rarely am I excited about history, but the first few pages certainly captured my imagination. Further reading did not disappoint. Michael Irving provides substance about the men and women who have contributed, inspired and worked tirelessly to make life better in our community and abroad.
Sadly the values and ideals of “service above self” are undervalued in today’s busy world of instant gratification, win at all costs and money is god. This book reflects a different set of principles and a philosophy that impacts worldwide in a quiet, dignified and sometimes unnoticed way.
As the current president of the Rotary Club of Southport, It is my honour to thank Michael Irving for his inspiration, dedication and perspiration in making this book something to be treasured by future generations. I trust that you will be as serious about reading it as Michael was in writing and researching Southport Rotary - 70 Years of Service above Self.
Lea Rickwood
Rotary Club of Southport 2015 - 2016