Rotary International is committed to eradicating malaria. In 2015 there were approximately 214 million cases of malaria and 438,000 deaths, mostly children under 5 years of age. Vaccination is the key to shifting the fight against malaria from sustained control to eradication.

Our Club has partnered with the Institute for Glycomics Griffith University, who have developed the novel PlasProtecT┬« malaria vaccine candidate, which has proven effective in animal trials and has already been produced for pilot clinical studies in humans.  Malaria causes fatigue, fever, seizures and, if untreated, coma and death in almost half of the world.

We are planning to fund clinical trial evaluation using a larger sample of malaria naive human volunteers to show that the vaccine actually works; that is, that PlasProtecT® can protect people from malaria infection. We have a target of $500,000 to raise and the good news is that as of June 2018 we've raised $400,000, which is funding the first phase of clinical trials.

You can find out more at the project's WEBSITE and join our Facebook page HERE

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