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Birch Carrol & Coyle Cinema
Level 2 The Strand Shopping Centre
76 Marine Parade
Coolangatta, QLD  4225

Australian Premiere: Romantic Road 10:30 am 
Rupert and Jan are an English couple in their late 60s with a crazy idea. After being invited to a human rights conference in India, they decide to turn the trip into an epic adventure. Shipping their old 1936 Roll Royce across to the sub-continent they embark upon an epic 5000 mile, six month journey from Mumbai to Dhakar battling local officials, dodging tribal conflicts and dining with maharajahs.
Executive produced by Sharon Stone, Romantic Road is an inspiring adventure story, an ode to rekindling love, and a fascinating look at a country often excessively romanticised. This is an exciting reminder that one is never to old to set out on a crazy adventure.
Invite family, friends. Meet for coffee before the film Tuesday 9th April. Register now to book your seats: $17, concession: $14